Welcome to the CPO Eye Clinic

In the heart of Lisbon, in one of the main arteries of the city, in the middle of Avenida da Liberdade, the Private Ophthalmology Clinic - CPO. An ophthalmology clinic equipped with the most advanced technology of diagnosis and treatment with renowned professionals in the specialty of ophthalmology.

Founded in 2007 by Dr. João Manuel Santos Pinheiro, this ophthalmologic clinic is characterized as a modern and innovative project, similar to what he had already achieved in 1995, when he created the first outpatient ophthalmology surgery clinic, Microcular.

He has also pioneered current refractive surgery techniques with LASIK and phakic lens implantation, as well as the use of phacoemulsification of the cataract and the use of the femtosecond laser.

The ophthalmology clinic has fully equipped facilities to carry out a "premium" service in ophthalmology and ocular plastics and with the purpose of making the patient feel in a welcoming environment rather than in a hospital environment.

At CPO Eye Clinic, people are the key to success. All professionals, from clinical, technical, administrative and staff are highly qualified and have been working together for over 25 years.

CPO ophthalmologic clinic services

We have:

  • Broad coverage with over 25 agreements with insurance entities such as Médis, Multicare, Advancecare and corporations such as Altice and CTT.
  • Long-term partnerships with world-renowned eye surgery device manufacturers who supply the CPO eye clinic with the most cutting-edge technology.
  • Extensive clinical experience with extraordinary results, with a track record that speaks for itself and certified under the PME Líder Quality framework.


  • >145.000

  • > 45.000

  • > 6.000

  • 4.000

  • > 2.000

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Be accompanied by our team of professionals.


To offer a complete service for vision, both for visual correction and for its improvement through ocular plastic surgery.

The CPO ophthalmology clinic provides a personalised service to all patients, through aesthetically appealing facilities and modern technology, combining comfort with operability.


To be the reference in the area of Ophthalmology at a national level, as a clinic that covers all segments of Ophthalmology, in its medical and surgical aspects.


The relationship with the patient is not just a relationship with the disease, but rather a relationship with the person. Our human resources are our most valuable asset, working based on a commitment to total transparency, seeking the personal and professional growth and satisfaction of all employees.

  • Maximisation of means for a single patient trip to the CPO Eye Clinic;
  • Professionalism and rigour in administrative, technical and medical care;
  • World-class technological equipment;
  • Consultations and targeted treatments for all age groups.
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Patient journey


CPO eye clinic invests a great deal of its resources in improving the patient journey. From discovering the eye clinic to solving their visual needs. We put ourselves in the patient's shoes in order to live each step and apply changes and improvements.


After the initial screening, the patient waits comfortably in the waiting room until their appointment with the specialist doctor. Rooms with natural light, spacious and equipped with the latest diagnostic technology.


After the initial screening, the patient waits comfortably in the waiting room until they are called for their appointment with the specialist doctor.


At the CPO ophthalmologic clinic various treatments are carried out as a result of the consultation or scheduled, both laser-based and intraocular injections or aesthetic interventions, among others.


The Operating Theatre of the CPO ophthalmology clinic is equipped with modern and frequently updated surgical equipment. It is maintained in impeccable conditions and managed by a team of highly qualified professionals.


After treatment in an operating theatre environment, patients can wait until they are discharged by their doctor.