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Do you want to stop wearing glasses or contact lenses?


Home - Private Eye Clinic 22

Did you know that there is a cure for your cataracts?


How can we look after you and your family?

At the Ophthalmology Private Clinic we offer care for your vision, and that of your entire family, including all age groups. For this you can rely on our specialised team and facilities equipped with the latest technology.






We are looking to the future

Founded in 2007, CPO was born to innovate in ophthalmic treatments and care, always supported by the latest technology.

The most modern equipment is available throughout the entire process: routine consultations, treatments, examinations or surgery. So that the care of your eye health is as efficient as possible.

We have a vision of Partnership

So that the best care is always accessible, we have a wide coverage with more than 20 agreements with insurance entities and other partners.

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  • Guia sobre hipermetropia infantil

    Guia sobre hipermetropia infantil

    Por mais que o seu filho tente, está constantemente abaixo do nível normal na leitura na escola ou em casa? Têm queixas constantes de dores de cabeça, olhos cansados ​​ou doridos depois de passar algum tempo a escrever ou a trabalhar ao computador? É possível que tenha…

  • Quando devo levar o meu filho a fazer o teste de acuidade visual?

    Quando devo levar o meu filho a fazer o teste de acuidade visual?

    Os médicos de família incluem, normalmente, testes de visão às crianças. Os pais devem ter em conta que os primeiros anos do seu/sua filho/a são fundamentais, visto que o desenvolvimento visual completo termina apenas aos 7 anos. Qualquer problema visual deverá ser identificado…

  • 9 Recomendações para proteger os olhos no verão

    9 Recomendações para proteger os olhos no verão

    Sabemos que durante o Verão surgem vários alertas sobre o perigo da exposição ao sol sem proteção solar, no entanto, não é só a pele que tem de proteger, também tem de proteger os olhos. Os oftalmologistas da Clínica CPO fazem várias recomendações para manter os seus…

  • What is astigmatism?

    What is astigmatism?

    Questions and Answers about Astigmatism What is it? It is one of the most common vision problems that results from the cornea not being completely spherical, which causes refractive errors. What causes astigmatism? When the eyeball is shaped like a perfectly round ball, the eyeball is...


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João Plácido
João Plácido
11:59 06 Dec 21
Always very well attended since the first consultation and it's been a few years now.
Jorge Canadelo
Jorge Canadelo
16:40 12 Nov 21
Close attention to the patient. Competence and technical means appropriate to the specialty ci very rigorous in the execution of examinations. Very effective and efficient clinical care. Comfortable and professional but very human and personal environment.
Rui Farinha
Rui Farinha
12:13 08 Nov 21
I recommend it without any doubt. From the appointment to the consultation everything was well organised, fast and efficient. Excellent professionals.
palmira ribeiro
palmira ribeiro
16:50 22 Oct 21
Since the contact made to book the first ophthalmology appointment at CPO, I have been pleased to note the friendliness and availability that they offer to those who come to them to treat their health problems. For this reason, I would like to thank all the professionals of this clinic, without exception, who always welcome us with a smile, accompany us and have the maximum availability and readiness to explain all the necessary questions, treatment orientations and? ... the respective follow-up.They treat each patient as unique and in accordance with their specificities and limitations, and not as one more, among many.read more
Filipe Pires
Filipe Pires
15:09 21 Oct 21
Excellent service and especially the professionalism of Dr. Eunice. I recommend the service and will return if necessary.
Maria Antónia Ferreira
Maria Antónia Ferreira
20:50 20 Oct 21
I have been assisted in this clinic for many years. First by Dr João Pinheiro who has always been an excellent doctor and now by Dr Fernanda Vaz in whom I have total confidence. I also want to mention that all the technical and administrative staff are very kind and professional. I always feel cared for. All my family is assisted at the Clínica. I can only give good references
Maria José Alves
Maria José Alves
11:52 14 Oct 21
In this clinic the service is 5*. Whether by administrative professionals, or by doctors. Dedicated professionals, efficient and always available to help and find the best solution compatible between client, doctor and clinic. My mother had a surgery here with Prof. Dr. Tiago Ferreira to whom I owe an enormous thank you, with the enormous support of Angelina. I strongly recommend the services of this clinic.
Tiago Silva
Tiago Silva
12:10 01 Sep 21
I didn't know this clinic or its professionals, and I contacted them with a very urgent appointment request for a second medical opinion. They promptly booked me an appointment with Dr. Tiago Ferreira, a few days later, having fitted me in between appointments as the agenda was full. I was seen for exams and consultation in less than 20min without even being made to wait, which they indicated could happen. I recommend CPO and it will become my ophthalmology clinic.... Thank you for the attention and empathy (which is so lacking these days) with which you treated me. See you soon.read more
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